About Aaron

I'm Aaron and I have an older brother. I like to play baseball, basketball, football and golf. In baseball I like to play catcher and outfielder. One other thing is I like to play minecraft and other video games. I like to ride fourwheeler when I'm at my cousin's house. I'm in Mr.Bower's sixth grade class and I'm 11 years old. I go golfing a lot with my dad, brother and Bryce Wendler. We mostly go to Willow Valley or Crossgates golf club. That is a few things about me.

Dr. Gale

My dad is the principal for the Penn Manor High School, which is also the school that my brother goes to.

My Mom

My Mom sells Premier Designs jewelry for a living. She is also a really cool mom.

Penn Manor

Most of my friends and I all go to Penn Manor School District.


Almost all of my family and cousins are big fans of the Steelers and so am I.


Baseball is my favorits sport. I have played as long as I have played golf. I've played on about 12 teams, they have all been for Penn Manor.