Thanks and Congratulations!!

I want to send a big shout out to all the dance families for their
dedication and support to make our casino a success. We had 100% compliance with everyone working their shifts and all
casino deposit cheques will be returned within the next couple of weeks!

The money that the club gets from the casino ensures that our
organization remains financially viable and it allows us to ensure that our dancers benefit from the best instructors possible. It also allows us to purchase beautiful, authentic costumes from the Ukraine and offsets some expenses of competition.

The forms have been submitted to apply for another casino BUT we have
been advised that there is currently a 15-18 month waiting list so we don't have to
worry about this until mid to late 2016.

On behalf of our dancers, I once again say THANKS!

Carole Zachkewich

Fort McMurray Ukrainian Cultural Society

Brenda Muir, President

Clarissa Vargo, Vice President

Nancy Slukynski, Vice President