Visit Treegap!!

Where you will really connect to nature

Treegap Makes the Prefect Place for a Vacation!

Treegap is amazing there are so many thing to do like visit our history museums, go to The Pancake Log Dinner, even go ice skating at Cold to the Touch, also take a calming nature tour to see deer and go to the Pine tree Falls. But you are not aloud to drink the water.

Pancake Log Dinner

Monday, Nov. 30th 201 at 4pm to Thursday, Dec. 31st 2020 at 10:30pm

8028 Woodmark Trail

Of course there are other places like Waffle House, I Hop, and Huddle House but all of those restaurants can't beat this one. We have everything from grits to steak! We are open from 4:00 am for the early birds and 10:30 pm for the night owls. And now catering!

Cozy Cocoon

Looking for a cheap but nice place to stay? We got you then, with fun actives just here at the hotel our full workout center is open 24/7 and our indoor and outdoor are opened from 5:00 am to 11:30 pm. Our hotel is located at the center of the town:1028 Leaf central.

Road House

We are the best steak house in the country! We have held the record for best steaks for 10 years strait! Will cook your steak anyway you want it, and from 11/30/14 to 1/18/14 every thing is half priced! So come on down and will get your catch.

Sycamores and Pine Tree Falls

Saturday, March 1st, 6:15pm to Sunday, Nov. 30th, 9pm

37548 Sycamore trail

Have you ever wonder how high a sycamores can grow or if waterfalls have can trees in them? Well your in for a treat, because if you take a tour to our family and friendly Sycamores and Pine Tree Falls you will walk the foot steps of a stranger and learn about Treegaps wild side. Our famous waterfall have pine trees in side of it!

Cold to the Touch

Trying to be the heat? But want something else then swimming? Then come on down to Cold to the Touch were your smile will be treasured. If your a starter just ask us for help and we get you going and it costs nothing for the help. We are located at 22 Maple street.