Students present at Pennsylvania EdTech conference

Cassandra Book

I had a wonderful experience at PETE&C. After hearing about the conference last year, I was very interested in attending myself. It is a great opportunity to connect and learn from educators across the state. I found it super rewarding to speak with the teachers there. They had great tips about how they actually incorporate tech into their classrooms. As I left the conference I felt inspired and very excited to be a future teacher. Presenting was also a great experience for me. This was my first presentation in a conference but I felt like it really boosted my confidence and helped me to get my name out there in a positive way.

You can find Cass, Katy, and Dr. Fecich's presentation here.

Katy Gibson

I attended PETE&C this past weekend. Even though I only attended one day, I still found it rewarding. The most memorable session was the one on the micro-processing device called “Raspberry Pi”. It was a little over my head, but it gave me ideas for how I could possibly incorporate STEM technology in my classroom. It will help students be aware of what computer programming is and could get kids interested in the programming field. I was also given a great opportunity to present with Cass Book. It was great to have the chance to give a presentation to professionals on what I have learned from educational technology.

You can find Cass, Katy, and Dr. Fecich's presentation here.

Andrew Jones

The conference was filled with many moments I'll take with me on my journey through education. Many of the interactions and resources I've found have been so helpful. I feel like I've learned something unique from each session and interaction I’ve made, something that can't be taught in classrooms and segregated areas of learning. Interacting with so many great educators and tech professionals while still being able to present really helps puts things in perspective. We all have our own voice and view on teaching and using technology in the classroom, no matter whether we’ve taken doctoral-level courses or just getting through freshmen-year courses.

You can find Andrew & Dr. Fecich's presentation here.

Hannah Wright

PETE&C was an immensely rewarding experience for me. To be able to interact with practicing teachers and professionals as a young adult was very helpful to my own development. Attending sessions that talked about technologies and methodologies relevant to my certification area was so helpful, but the networking was the real jewel of attending a conference. As a presenter, it was an amazing opportunity to put myself out there and share my knowledge with those who have many more years of experience than I do and be met with overwhelming positive feedback. Presenting at PETE&C was definitely a defining moment in my career as a student, and has affirmed that I can indeed 'do it' when I graduate.

You can find Hannah's presentation here.

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