Monday Memo

Week #17: December 8, 2014

Dates to Note

Monday, December 8: Upper Team basketball game @ Hamilton
Wednesday, December 10:
Primary Cook Day

Thursday, December 10: Upper Team basketball game Garrett
Thursday, December 11: Boys Basketball Game @ Canterbury (Fort Wayne)
Friday, December 12: Infant/Toddlers Closed

Wednesday, December 17: Impact Institute Video Project

Thursday, December 18: Impact Institute Video Project

Friday, December 19: 10:30-11:30 AM Rec Room Middle School Puppet Performance-All Primary & Lower classrooms are invited!


I will be out of the office next week and will not be available to contact any subs on your behalf. So beginning on December 13th please observe the following procedure to ensure your classroom is covered in the event of your absence:

  1. Text Sarah Shanton-Cox your exact needs at 260-343-8451. Please keep in mind that we don’t always know when you have specials in the afternoon and can’t easily determine if a full-day or a half-day sub is necessary unless you tell us. Many of our subs are also parents, so coverage usually begins around 8:15 – 8:30 and can end between 3:30 – 4:00.

  2. Copy your coordinator and/or co-teacher on the text message.

  3. Please know that all text messages may not be answered until 7:00 a.m., so don’t panic if you haven’t heard back from Sarah right away. She will be working on sub calling in the mornings

  4. If you wait until after 7:20 a.m. the day you need a sub you may be out of luck. Please contact Sarah at the school after that time along with sending her a text message. This is her travel time to work, so an immediate response may not be possible.

  5. That’s it! We are hoping to keep this as simple as possible and to encourage you to call for a sub only if absolutely necessary.

Impact Institute video project

CHANGE OF DATE: Instead of this week, it will be NEXT week

This was sent to all Elementary & Middle School Specialist:
Please mark your calendars for 12/17 and 12/18 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Impact Institute students are scheduled to be at Oak Farm to video our specials classes in action in order to feature these programs at the Tall Oak Gala in March. Our aim is to capture the energy, excitement and richness of learning that takes place in your classes that offer so much to our program. No special activities or preparation are required of you at all - we would like to capture a typical day at Oak Farm.

Confirmation of the dates, times and when a videography student will be in your room are forthcoming.

Oak Farm Birthday Party - January 15

The birthday party planning committee (Megan, Kim D., Sarah, Laura, Kelly & Macy) have been working on an invite list... and are welcoming suggestions from all of you. Here is how we are thinking about who to invite:

  • Who was part of the Oak Farm community "back in the day"
  • Who was & continues to be a silent supporter of the school
  • Past faculty members who you think would like to come back for the celebration
  • People and/or organizations that your classroom has/had a relationship with
  • Good friends of Oak Farm

Please email Kim Davidson your suggestions -

Parents Signing Students In & Out

Per our parent handbook we require parents to sign their child in/out at the administrative office for all students except Middle School. This allows several things to happen -
  • Parents receive the "ticket" from admin member
  • Admin person (usually Macy) then calls the classroom so the child can begin getting ready
  • Teachers have a heads up that door bell will be ringing
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY Macy can be sure attendance is entered accurately - which we have to have up to date in accordance to Indiana State law

Students need to be signed in if tardy, leaving & returning for an appointment, or leaving for the day.

On the rare occasion of this policy being broken, please contact Macy so attendance can be recorded. Your support of this policy is appreciated, especially in regards to how you communicate it to parents. We do not want them picking up their child and be reprimanded for not following the rules - but if they are repeat offenders please handle it with the grace & courtesy that we provide to the children everyday!

Any questions - please contact Macy.

Afterschool Clubs & Summer Camps

Are you interested in earning some extra cash this school year and/or over the summer? If so PLEASE contact Macy ASAP... She has to send home After School Club information with students in a week (yeah, in a week!)

Summer Camp information has to be sent home in January. So - let her know if you are interested. She will help you think through things if you need, so no need for major details now.

This is a rough time to ask if you want to do more with the students... but thinking about it with a little dollar sign attached may help sweeten the deal, right?!

Faculty Party Update...

Well - it was a hit. We were down a bit on attendance, but those there had a blast!

Sarah Shanton-Cox walked away with the prize for the ugliest Christmas sweater - T.J. Knudson (Ashley's husband) had been the reigning champion, and he passed his home-made trophy off with grace.

The food was delicious - we had extra, which was then all donated to the Shepherd's House in Fort Wayne (a transition home for veterans.)

Bowling was a bit competitive - not sure who won, but all had a lot of fun!

The sentiment was clear in the toast at the beginning of the night - and is true to all who weren't able to make it that night....

Let us toast Jill for organizing the party.
Let us toast Oak Farm for bringing us all together.
and let us toast each of us for making our work relationships real friendships!

December & January Birthdays

12/7 - Katie Spoelman (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, yesterday!)
12/11: Elizabeth Green
12/18: Megan O'Sullivan
12/30: Tracy Reincke
1/2: Ines Oldenburg
1/5: Janet Canino
1/15: OAK FARM