Popular Culture


Technology of the 1950's

During the 1950's in America, many new innovations were coming out. It was a boom of technology that we still use today. After WWII there were more people back from the war looking to make money. They started to invent things and with each new invention more and more people jumped on board. Soon there was color T.V.'s were being created, more and more came out. By 1950 9% of Americans had color T.V.'s and up to 90% had them by 1960. It was the golden age of T.V. entertainment and movies. With colored films the movie industry grew and more movies were being produced yearly. this was one of the first major changes during the 1950's.

A Moving Country

With the invention of the Interstate Highways, America was more mobile then ever. Many T.V. ads were specifically designed for vacation and what to buy. With the advances in transportation more was being bought, sold and used then ever before. The Interstate allowed for people to drive across the country on family road trips which also would benefit the small businesses along the highways. More and more motels sprung up and diners soon followed. The cars where also changing dirastically too. More and more manufacturers and styles came out making a new car more afordable for the average family to buy. Amusement parks became more popular too with all the vacationers around.