Wakakirri Finals

Friday 13th September 2013

Grade 4 performs at Hamer Hall

Congratulations to our Grade 4 community for making the finals of Wakakirri. Only twelve schools out of the forty-eight who took part in the heats, made it to the finals and had the privilege of performing on a world-class stage at Hamer Hall. The students were a credit to their parents, teachers and the school throughout the heats, rehearsals and finals, striving to do their best and to behave well as ambassadors of Wooranna Park Year 4.

This has been a powerful learning experience for everyone as participation in Wakkakiri is an experience our children will remember for years to come, particularly Friday’s experience of performing on one of Melbourne’s premier stages.

Backstage photos

A big shout out to the wonderful Wooranna Park community!

A big thank you to all the parents who have consistently shown us support through the following ways; costuming, backdrops, props, unloading and packing the bus for both performances. We have also appreciated all the kind words of encouragement from you all along the journey.

It was also lovely to see so many smiling faces in the audiences for Wakakirri for all our performances and your cheers of support created a buzz backstage.