One Week Down!

We finished the first week. By the time you read this we will be into our second week.

The students and staff started with the most important thing -- making connections. If we can do anything to help establish a connection for your student to school, please let us know. It is important to have a WHY to not just go to school, but to learn. That isn't always easy. We have students and staff willing to help. Encourage your student to get involved and contact us if needed.


Tuesday, September 6th

Boys Varsity Tennis 4:00 hosting Holly

Freshman Volleyball 5:00 hosting Multiple Schools (Quad)

Boys Varsity Soccer 6:00 hosting Birch Run

Wednesday, September 7th

Boys Varsity Soccer 6:00 hosting Swartz Creek

Thursday, September 8th

Girls Varsity Golf 3:15 hosting Kearsley @ Clio Country Club

Friday, September 9th

Boys Varsity Football hosting Goodrich 7:00

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Drop off & Pick up Procedures

Morning Drop Off

If you are bringing your student to school in the morning, please leave the front parking spots open for busses. The best place to drop off is in the South lot or in the bus loop in the morning. We have two entrances open in the morning: the main entrance, and the South doors going into the D-hall.

Afternoon Pick Up

The busses need the loop after school. You can pick up your student in the South lot or in the North lot. Please keep the front open and free of traffic for busses to efficiently move in and out. Students may exit from multiple places and you should ask your student which lot is best.


We discussed our PRIDE matrix in classes this week. Our PRIDE mantra guides our BEHAVIORS. We also have a CLIO mantra that hits on what we believe to be the important learning dispositions that we want to see and build:

C = Seek Challenges

L = Use Logic

I = Improvise

O = Be Optimistic

Throughout the year we will ask our staff and you to build on these ideas because we believe they are an important and powerful part of learning.

Knowing about how learning works and what habits it takes to be a good learner are vital to success not just in school, but in life.

A person that SEEKS CHALLENGES finds the edge of a comfort zone and moves BEYOND. A person that seeks challenges will be willing to give the problem a try, often without help.

Teachers and students use words that go along with challenges. They take actions that move them toward a reasonable answer.

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Picture Retakes

Sometimes you need a do-over.

Picture retakes will be in a while - in October.

We will make announcements for students to come down during our Seminar time.

October 18th (10:30-11:15 a.m.)


Every parent has access to all student information online at our website

If you need help accessing it please call Jenni Atkin @ 810-591-1359 or email at


The counseling department would like to thank all the students who have been so kind and considerate during the scheduling process. The start of the school year is always stressful in the counseling offices and the students have been so grateful this year, it has been noticed and appreciated.