Hoke County

Fayetteville, North Carolina

About Hoke County

Hoke County was founded in 1911 from parts of Cumberland County and Robeson County. It was named for Robert F. Hoke, a confederate general in the American Civil War. It is also part of the Fayetteville, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is home to part of the Fort Bragg military reservation. As of the 2010 census the population was 46,952. Hoke County is a member of the regional Lumber River Council of Governments. Hoke County is boarded by Moore County, Cumberland County, Robeson County, and Scotland County. Hoke County is located in the coastal plain region and is in the 7th congressional district.

Why should you visit Hoke County?

There is so much to explore! You can visit the two natural landmarks in the county, the Mill Prong House and The Battle of Monroe's Crossing. There is also magnificent tourist attraction such as the Carolina Horse Park and Raeford-Hoke Museum. There's even festivals to attend such as, the Hoke Fest and the Turkey Festival!

Working for a Better Community

There are 5 members on the County Board of Commissioners. Letitia Edens is the County Manager. The Raeford/Hoke Chamber of Commerce works hard to provide new benefits, events, and committees for the community.

The county seat

The County Seat is located in Raeford, North Carolina. There is a total of six members on the city council of the county seat. Dennis Baxley is the city manager. John K. McNeil is the Mayor.

Why visit Raeford, North Carolina?

There's so many fun things to do in Raeford! You can go to PK's Grill and Pub, the Carolina Horse Park, and you can even go Skydiving! You can also visit the historic Hoke County Courthouse that was designed by the noted architectural firm of Milburn and Heister and was built in 1912. It is a three-story Classical Revival style tan brick building fronted on a tretrastyle pedimented ionic order portico. Raeford is know for the Fort Bragg military base.