Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders be named and shamed??

Sex Offenders Registration and Notification

Sex offender registration is a system for monitoring and tracking sex offenders following their release into the community. The registration provides important about convicted sex offenders to local and federal authorities and public, such as offender's name, current location and past offenses.

Megan's Law

There is a law called Meagan’s Law and it was brought about because of a seven year old New Jersey girl named Megan Nicole Kanka. On July 29, 1994, a two-time convicted sex offender lured her into a neighbor’s home with the promise of a puppy. He brutally sexually assaulted and murdered Megan. The community became outraged because he had been convicted in a 1981 attack on a five year old child previously. The state of New Jersey circulated petitions demanding the right to be made aware of sexual predators. Eighty nine days later Megan’s parents were successful in gathering more than 430,000 signatures and the first state law mandated active community notification, this was Megan’s law.