Kepler 62-F

Possible New Earth?

The Facts of Kepler 62-F

The diameter is 1.4 times bigger than earth making it 17,838.8 kilometers long.

The average distance from its sun is 67 million miles.

The average temperature is -22 degrees Fahrenheit and -30 degrees Celsius.

The of the year is 267 days, while the length of day is unknown.

There are no rings and moons circling this planet.

By the time we reach this planet I would be 1,215

Gravity and The Distance

The surface gravity of this planet is 13.7298 newtons of force.

The planet is 1,200 light years away from earth.

It would take us 12,000 years for us to get there going at 10% of the speed of light.

Interesting Facts

Kepler 62-f is the furthest away from its sun, but still remains in the Habitable Zone.

The Planet could possibly be all water.

The Planet is located in the Lyra Constellation.

The Problems and Solutions


  • It is the farthest planet in its solar system, so it would be the coldest.
  • The sun is a red dwarf so it only emits one fifth of the energy ours does.
  • Waterworld-if the whole planet is covered in water it would be difficult to survive on.
  • Greenhouse gases might make it hard to breath

  • If there were enough greenhouse gases on the planet it would warm it.
  • We would need to use other sources of energy besides solar to power things.
  • Though it may not be practical if the greenhouse gases were bad enough you might want to keep your mask on.

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