Danielle Richards*

My family

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I have a twin brother, Josh. He plays guitar, is on Cross Country and is going into the Army about two weeks after graduation. People are always surprised to find out that I have a twin. A thing that commonly happens is that someone will be friends with the both of us and for a long time, they'll never know that we're twins and then one day, they'll find out and freak. It's kind of funny. And no, we're not identical. Obviously. People actually ask that all the time. -.-'
I live with my parents and my Grandma. My mum attends SHSU and my dad is a correctional officer. My grandma just supports me in everything I do and makes me tea and cookies all the time. She's the best.

My Favorite Memory!

My absolute favorite memory is from freshman year. In choir, we went on a field trip to New York and we got to do a Broadway workshop. We learned the song, "One Short Day" from Wicked along with the choreography from actual cast members. It was the best day of my life and I will never ever forget it.

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Favorite Animals :)

I can't decide on just one. I love animals very much and they are a huge part of my life. I'm actually a vegetarian because I don't like the way animals are slaughtered. It's really cruel and makes me sick. Judge me if you will. Anyways, my favorite animals are kangaroos, pandas, red pandas, green iguanas, turtles and cats. I know. It's a lot. I'm just a really huge sucker for animals.


My hobby is performing. I don't do anything but perform constantly. I act, sing, dance, play piano and I play guitar. I'm always in multiple shows at once. I'm currently the choir president, soprano section leader and Glee choreographer. I also teach kids musical theatre. I first discovered my love for performing when I was 6 years old and ever since then, I have wanted to do nothing but that. I didn't actually join theatre until my freshman year because before then, I had been too afraid to, but it was the best decision I have ever made. My first lead role was sophomore year and I played Sandy in Grease. I started dancing at a studio when I was 15 and I was on GGs last year. I plan to major in musical theatre in college and my life goal is to be on Broadway soon after that. And before anyone asks, "do you have a back-up plan?" the answer is no. I don't want to do anything else in this life time and I realize there's a one-in-a-million-chance of me actually succeeding and making it, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.

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