Zweet⚡ Zour

A Candy That Is Out Of This World

The Candy That Will Have You Begging For More

Zweet⚡ Zour is the new candy that is not like any typical candy! Just one bite of the citrus sweet candy and you'll be blown away with how amazing it is. With every bite you will have a new taste in your mouth, our exotic flavors will have you through the roof; blueberry pomegranate, strawberry key lime, raspberry mango, banana cherry!

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Zweet⚡ Zour Extra

We Promise you that Zweet⚡ Zour is 100% all natural ingredients (not including; sugar, and all our ingredients) You'll enjoy every bite you take because all of our flavors are taste tested by professionals, there is a lot of sugar but what's not to love? Don't be a loner! Stay Zweet but sometimes Zour!