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Just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to some ladies who ROCKED it out in NOVEMBER! I am in awe at all of the promotions that happened, and all the dreams that are coming true! You all are beyond inspiring to everyone around you!!!!

Congrats to our new SHINING STAR!


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What a month for this team! Phylicia Bentley and team set out to hit Star and November and nothing was stopping that powerhouse of a team! They worked TOGETHER, every ordered helped and they reached this HUGE goal! Phylicia has been consistent with her business from day 1. She went out of her comfort zone, pushed herself & built an amazing team of women. Her team & it's sales, sponsoring & promotions is the perfect example of utilizing our new comp plan to it's full advantage: building leaders & a team who sponsors. I couldn't be more proud of you & your entire team. You're ending 2014 on a high note but I have no doubt 2015 has much more in store. Celebrate--you absolutely deserve this!

HUGE KUDOS to Kasey Thomas's hard work to promote to Associate stylist to help Phylicia hit her goal! Jenny Voegele is a brand new stylist and reached out and collected $500 to make this happen as well!! AMAZING WORK LADIES!
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Every single one of you contributed to this teams amazing month! I am so thankful for each and every one of you ladies for being apart of this team. And so proud of you for rocking your business in November! So many of you were apart of the promotions that happened last month and they could not have done it without you. It is a pretty special thing to see you ladies work together to reach goals TOGETHER! I was blown away.

Julie Tutwiler

Kasey Wiles

Jennifer Cornett

Jamie Feisal

Kimberly Sullivan

Melissa Calamateo

Rachel Hays

Suzanne Freed

Morgan Degarmo

April Yarholar

Shana Ellis

Kiley Faily

Stephanie Nard

Carly Franks

Lori Smith

Sarah Prim

Tiffany Williams

Nicole Watson

Amy Frank

Caroline Grice

Christan Strickland

Elise Daniel

Leigha Horner

Kendall Roberts

Hayley Hudspeth

Terri Bright

Pj Romberg

Kristin Pate

Kaylyn Flesher

Mandi Combs

Alicia Stankus

Jentry Miller

Sarah Adair

Mandy Dollar-smith

Dacia Belter

Megan Dalke

Laura Teske

Ginger Rowell

Carol Goldstein

Ashley Wilson

Areta Moseley

Jennifer Voegele

Ashley Rhynes

Caroline Harries

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What are you going for this month?

We are only 8 days into the month! So you have plenty of time to reach that big goal you want to go for! I know several have declared they are going for Associate Stylist, Senior stylist and even Star stylist! We are here to help! I will be available for coaching calls Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 9th) and Thursday (December 11th) from 10:30-2:00. If you would like to schedule a time for a coaching call, text me 405-517-3081. I would LOVE to hear your goals and work on a plan to get you there! Can't wait to chat :)


Unspoken - Start A Fire


Sunday, Dec. 14th, 6:30pm

2000 Deason Dr

Edmond, OK

Come celebrate a wonderful year! We want to celebrate you and meet those we havent met! This is an amazing group of ladies who lift each other up. Come connect with all of us and have a fun holiday night! RSVP so we have enough food and drinks for everyone :)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.