Vol 4 - October 9, 2015

1st Quarter Is In The Books.

It's the last week of the 89th Annual Fall Festival and for the 89th year, teachers together said, "Thank God it's almost over!"

I hope your 1st quarter has gone well. If you haven't noticed, we have a bunch of new kids in school. We are someone around 360 total students... for the 1st time since I have worked here, we are the building with the most students.

I just want to again remind you...What we are doing is important... it really is.

Below is an article that deals with students, parents and respect for teachers. It was kind of eye opening for me, as I have recognized this stuff happening and couldn't really put into words the what and whys. Please read the article. Also, don't look at the picture of the guy on the page and think "holy cow, this dork doesn't know anything about educating kids." What he says, I firmly believe, and you should to. If you have any questions or comments please share with me or feel free to add to the comments at the bottom of the page.

Let's have a faculty meeting on next Thursday, October 15th @ 7:30 in the Learning Lab.

Please know that I am here to serve you and the kids of AV. If there is anything I can help with... PLEASE, let me know.



The Ambush

AMBUSH - a group of Tigers

Tigers aren't normally found in the wild in groups, they are solitary animals. I think as teachers, sometimes we can get stuck being solitary animals. But we are more powerful in groups.

The Ambush is a space I hope we can be forced to come together in what I am planning on being a sort of "PD" activity. Sometimes there will be short videos, short stories, articles I think are cool or enlightening, quotes, school appropriate pictures, or just things to make you think. I hope in addition to being a learning platform, the "PD" might (or hopefully might) make you feel appreciated, motivated, or maybe just smile or laugh. There may also be a time I put something on here that is interactive or something I am wanting to try out as I am learning how to begin exploring things that might be useful when we go 1 to 1 with our students.