Water Pollution Smore Afreica

clean water $57,000,0000,000 For sale

Africa Water Pollution prembom .

In 2004 Sub-Africa had only 16% of the people had access to drinking water this was

horible crime .

we cain do is donat has much money as you can to help the peaple in Africa !

You can help the peaple in Africa by giving money to chareteytes that gives the gifet of

water to all in need.

clean water is importing !

Whith out clean water we would nothing but unforsanely there are countries that can't

Afored clean water such as Africa but they should have too Afored water it should be

free but then agieng food isin't free but you can macke it free by hunting but water

has to be reckinised as the most inporting of all and it was free in sitell is in suteing countries like in The U.S but not in some Africain countries that are olindeed by the banik.

Next Iran

Iran has calls for the water use to be cut buting 37millon use at Risk of lossing water!

Iran amoust out of water!

Water shotfaills may affect half of iran population by this summer ! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-04-15/iran-calls-for-cuts-in-water-use-as-37-million-at-risk-.html

how we can help?

America could dona't a supliy of water wine Opama goes to Iron to Descuse thery nuckler program that use a lot of water to run!

Next Russa

Only one persen't of all sources of potable water meet the standards the high cuwalitey.http://rt.com/news/almost-all-water-in-russia-is-undrinkable/

Russa durtey water!

A big part of the population even to day do not have or recive potable water high qulitey 99% need more cleaning then it has being geateing!

how we can help?

We could Donate a water cleaning risalitey to help macke the water save to dreanke.