ISTEP - Part 2 Inspiration

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ISTEP Part 2

It's ISTEP Part 2 time, and we are down to the last four weeks of the school year. Anxiety, Stress, and Motivation tend to wane as the time goes on. This is the perfect time for a little rejuvenation! Check out this short, easy read about staying motivated, and also check out the parody of "What Does the Fox Say?". Hang in there!

What Does the Test Say? (Testing Parody)

Check out this parody of What Does the Fox Say?
What does THE TEST say? Spicer Elem. (A parody of What Does The Fox Say?)

17 More Things You Can Do While Actively Monitoring Testing

Check out this blog by Love, Teach for some things you can engage your mind with while taking laps in your classroom.
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After Testing Activities

Here are some awesome activities you could do with your students after testing is completed for the day. Check it out!