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We bring crimes to justice!!

My company ensures all criminals get the punishment they deserve.

We here at Gunter law firm strive to help people make sure they are charged with the right crime. By doing so we have to follow a process that involves the defendant and plaintiff and the actions leading up to the crime. A criminals case usually starts with a police arrest report. After that the prosecutor then decides what charges to file. The criminal will then go on trial usually. The criminal then has a summons to a certain date to appear to court. Compliant has to abid by the rules of the court as well. Although we are trying to find justice for everyone the criminals do have the right for pleadings and mediation and arbitration. They also have the right to appeal after the pretrial conference. The plaintiff must have prepondenerance of evidence for the people to reach a verdict.

Please come join the crew at Gunter law firm.