The Westing Game

By Ellen Raskin

Plot of the Book

The book The Westing Game is a book about 16 heirs to a fortune, and the mystery they take upon. Sam W. Westing, owner of Westing Paper Products leaves behind sets of clues to the 16 heirs, split into 8 pairs to try and solve the mystery of who killed Sam Westing, and who the heir to his fortune is. Throughout the book, there are many complications, bombs set off, thievery right under their noses, and deceptions that nobody expects. In the end, only one person can come out on top, and one has to pay the price.

Characters of The Westing Game

In The Westing Game there are pairs of heirs, working together to solve the mystery. The first pair, Madame Hoo, and Jake Wexler. The second, Turtle Wexler and Flora Baumback; The third pair, Chris Theodorakis and Dr. Deere; The fourth, Alexander McSouthers and J.J. Ford; The fifth, Grace Wexler and James Hoo; The sixth, Berthe Crow and Otis Amber; The seventh, Theo Theodorakis and Doug Hoo; The eighth and final pair, Sydelle Pulaski and Angela Wexler. All the pairs had to work together, and use their own individual clues to solve the mystery of the will of Sam W. Westing.