Slim tailed dunnart

Emily 3D

The slim tailed dunnart is a native Australian marsupial

The slim tailed dunnart’s scientific name is Smintopsis Murina. They are found across South Australia. There are twenty one species of dunnarts. Dunnarts are nocturnal.

The slim tailed dunnart look’s like a mouse and can be brown, grey or maybe white.

They have tiny pink paws and are about 5 centre metre wide and 4.1centre metre tall.

The slim tailed dunnart can be found in holes and logs under grasses, shrubs and bushes and needs to be well away from snakes. The slim tailed dunnart is born with no fur then stay in it’s mother’s pouch for two months after two months they come out with a lot of fur. Their preditors are dog’s, cat’s,snake’s and reptile’s. A tiny dunnart eat lizard’s bigger then them and tiny insects.

The dunnart is not harmed by people but they suffer from pollution, fearel animals and loss of habitat.