MAAN Theme: Love Conquers All

By: Henrik I., Will B., Nathan L., and Matthew W.

Famous Quote:

1 Corinthians 13:7- "Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance"

Novel Quote

Hero- "Nothing certainer. One Hero died defiled, but I do live, and surely as I live, I am a maid."

Another Work/ Compare and Contrast

Beauty and The Beast

In Beauty and The Beast, the main challenge is that there is a wonderful person behind the mask of the ferocious beast, and Belle struggles to get him to realize that true love is more than looks. They overcome this problem together and realize that they love each other, and the beast is transformed back into his human form. In Much Ado About Nothing, Hero is falsely accused of not being a virgin, and she struggles to show Claudio that she is innocent, as they were supposed to be married. They both deal with similar problems, but in different ways.


"Love is a powerful thing" A lesson that could be learned from this theme is that any type of love can get you through tough times. By any type of love we mean family, friends, relationships, etc. They could all help you get through tough times like depression, they can help control you when you are mad, They can stabilize your emotions and make you happy. Love can help you pass that wall you've always wanted to pass. They can support you with whatever you want. Love is the strongest emotion you will get in life. It gives you confidence. It will help you in everything you need help in.
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