Nationals Park

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Description of place

There are a lot of games at The Nationals park. Its home of the Washington Nationals baseball team. The exterior facade of the 41,546 seat venue features an innovative design of steel,glass and pre-cast concrete to create a facility that uniquely reflects the architecture of Washington , DC.The ballpark has approximately 3,500 pieces of steel in the bowl structure, equaling 7,800 tons. A total of 340,948 cubic yards (approximately 34,095 truck loads) of soil was excavated. Approximately 4,500 cubic yards of dirt was removed each day, or about 450 truckloads per day.

History of Place

On March 30, 2008 the Washington Nationals played their first game at Nationals Park against the Atlanta Braves. Nationals Park is the fourth ballpark to open in Washington DC following American League Park, Griffith Stadium and RFK Stadium.

Events and Trades

  1. Every year they spend 24 million on the games for entertainment.
  2. They sell up to 50,000 tickets, meaning a lot of people come to watch them play.
  3. There were 200,000 requests submitted for tickets to watch

Importance to Community

Its important to the community because it's entertaining to the fans of all the sports teams that are held at nationals park. It took years to build, not many people wanted this building to get done, but when it was it was worth it. Before this was built baseball wasn't being played anymore when they built this baseball started again.