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Basel 3 Challenges for Bankers in Emerging Markets


IE Business School is glad to invite you to a Master Class with one of our top professors, Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira in order to discuss "Basel 3 Challenges for Bankers in Emerging Markets".

Basel 3 Challenges for Bankers in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets are under a transformation process to go from an underdeveloped economy to a developed one.

Banking Systems in Developed Economies have gone through several steps during past centuries. Banking crisis is very harmful especially in those economies, because both lending and specially savings depend on them. As a consequence different international and national bodies follow banks health.

Bank for International Settlements created the Basel rules to help countries to have a more stable banking system and therefore a more efficient economy. But developed economies have followed the whole process from having basically uncontrolled banks, to the current situation where Basel III is being implemented.

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Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 7:30pm

11 Calle María de Molina

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Professor Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira is an expert in Finance focusing on Financial Markets, Risk Management and Financial Management with 8 years of teaching experience at IE Business School and more than 20 at other institutions.

Professor Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira holds a PhD in Economics and MBA. He speaks 5 languages. Professionally, he started working for Procter & Gamble, then he switched to Management and Banking, firstly at McKinsey & Company as a consultant, and after at Banco Santander. There, he reached the level of Managing Director working in America, Europe and Africa in areas such as Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Consumer Finance and Risk Management. Currently he runs Hera W2R (Waste to Resource), company that works in Europe (Spain, Germany, Italy, France & Ukraine) and America (Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil & Chile) in the fields of Renewable Energy and Carbon Finance.

His dual education on Finance and Engineering combined with his experience in consulting, banking and industry makes him a deep academic with a direct to the point view on real life practice.

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