Looking fresh 4 school

starting September 23rd through October 10th

Getting started

When signing up with Lubbock-Cooper ISD, you can get a uniform that has dark blue color put with a white outline of the uniform, mixed with a little red.

What you are going to wear

For the girls, they have a Button up top on the uniform mixed with a red and white striped skirt. For the boys, they have a Button up top with a white t-shirt that goes under the uniform top, and have a red and black striped tie that can be worn if the student chooses to. For the bottom part have stretchy jeans that can never rip unless cut by a sharp object.

If you or your family member want to sign up, just go to, www.lcisd.net

If you have any questions about how or what Cooper brings to your family just call the number below

Phone (806) 863-7105 | Fax (806) 863-2877