6th Grade Math Week #9

Ms. Carter - 2016-2017

What will we learn in Week #9?

I am so glad you asked!

Monday - Wednesday: Compare and Order Rational Numbers

Thursday - Friday: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

***All of these are new concepts! We may start out with cloudy minds, but we will end knowing how to do these! :) Learning is a Marathon...not a sprint! I always think...slow and steady wins the race!

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 7:30am

In My Room!

SIGN UP will be MONDAY, October 17th during Wolf Time through our Google Classroom

We will work on Computational Skills to BOOST our weekly Computation scores! There will be a little breakfast type snack provided as well. You must sign up and ONLY the First 20 to sign up can attend! This will be a weekly sign-up to work on our skills!

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October 24 - October 28

Red Ribbon Week

Monday: Nerd Day-------“We’re too smart for drugs”

Tuesday: Superhero Day--------“Real heroes don’t do drugs”

Wednesday: Pajama Day---------“Drugs are nightmares, don’t let them ruin your dreams”

Thursday: Animal Print/Camo Day----------“Don’t let drugs hunt you down”

Friday: Red Day/Crazy Socks----------“Don’t be crazy and do drugs!”

Evidence of Learning!

How can I help in my child's learning?

We are working on skills all the time!

Some of the skills you can help with:

*Multiplication Facts - multiplication war - they love this!

*Fractions to Decimals - Ex...when cooking and you need 3/4, say what is 3/4 as a decimal?

On my website you will find different practices of skills our students need! These are great resources for practice!

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Students will be given one week to take the pre-test on their own time. We will then start using this tool to help with skills. You will be able to encourage them to work on TTM as well when you see from their grades they might need extra practice, or they come home saying they are unsure about a topic. This is a great resource! :)

What's Happenin'?

Monday, October 17 - 2ND 9 WEEKS STARTS

Tuesday, October 18 - Pink Out Day - Wear pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness

Wednesday, October 19 - Unity Day - Wear orange for being united against Bullying

Thursday, October 20 - Report Cards are available to view on line

Friday, October 21 - Student vs Staff Volleyball Game

Monday - Friday - October 24 - 29 - RED RIBBON WEEK