Media Center Memo

April 2013


The following titles are in the media center! I'm trying to get nonfiction that a) kids will want to read and b) you can use to support your curriculum.


Irena Sendler: Bringing Life to Children of the Holocaust

Elie Wiesel: Holocaust Survivor and Messenger for Humanity

Bobby Flay

Paula Deen

Gordon Ramsay

Rachael Ray

Johnny Depp

Carrie Underwood

Ellen DeGeneres

Seth Rogen

Alicia Keys

Ernest Hemingway

Frank Gehry

Vincent Van Gogh

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Careers in Criminal Justice: Corrections System, Court System, Juvenile Justice System,

Law Enforcement

Careers in Special Operations: Training, Weapons, Paratroopers, Amphibious Warfare, Search and Rescue, Snipers, Reconnaissance


History of Jazz

Incredible African-American Jazz Musicians

Aerosmith: Hard Rock Superstar

Rolling Stones: The Greatest Rock Band

Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Paint It!


Time's 100 New Scientific Discoveries: Fascinating, Unbelievable, and Mind Expanding Stories


DNA and Blood


Bizarre Phenomena and Unexplained Mysteries

Living Wild Series: Rhinoceroses, Camels, Piranhas, Zebras

Social Studies

Secret of the Manhattan Project

Famous Ghosts and Haunted Places

From Columbus to Colonial America: 1492 to 1763

American Revolution and the Young Republic: 1763 to 1816

Great Expeditions series: Through the American West, Heart of Africa, Ocean Deep, Moon, South Pole, Mount Everest
War on Terror series: Causes, Controversies, Ideology and Information, Important Figures, Methods of Warfare, Pivotal Moments

Language Arts

Saving Children from the Holocaust: The Kindertransport

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Striking a Blow Against the Nazis

Celebrated African-American Novelists

Extraordinary African-American Poets


I'm making some changes in the media center this summer. . . Happy, happy, happy!!! :)