Full Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes this week are important, please review!

Week in Review:

Monday: Little Reveal @ KAC 8:00pm

Tuesday: Ice Skating @ Bird Arena 8:30pm

Wednesday: Thanksgiving Dinner @ KAC 7:00pm

Thursday: Hunger Games Geek Retreat @ KAC 7:30pm

Friday: Hang out with your buddy fam and get a point! send a picture to Em, everyone needs to be there for a point!

Sunday: Inductions @ OU Inn 4:30pm; FB @ Copeland 104 8:00pm

Bobcat of the Week

This week's bobcat of the week goes to Julia Goodwin for her awesome performance in SO. Her hard work and dedication really stood out to Allison!


Paw Props this week go to all the nominees for VP or PD and Mak for doing an awesome job and stepping up and photographing an Alumni event held Friday evening.

You Rock Award

This week the You Rock Award was passed from Tracy to Melissa. Tracy really noticed Melissa's outstanding leadership and patience towards the new members. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed! YOU ROCK!

Presidential Notes

Kendra's office hours:

MWF @ 2:00pm

Keep and eye out for a note in the office. Kendra may be found downstairs in the basement.

If you're signed up to go to Mr. University meet outside Mem Aud for your tickets and everyone will walk in and sit together. Look for Kendra!

OU SAB was selected to host the 2016 Case ASAP State Day (we rock!) More info about CASE coming next week!

Kendra is part of the commencement speaker committee. Let here know if there is someone you think should be considered to speak at the 2016 commencement.

Find updated points, finance records, and shared documents here.

Katrina and the OUAA

Dinner with 12 on Nov 17 Sign up!

Dinner with 12 on Dec 1 with Judge and Visiting Prof at Zoe's sign up coming soon,

Melissa and Membership

Email the MelKel for absences at sabmembership1804@gmail.com, please CC the respective VP in any emails regarding absences to Melissa. This is especially important for mandatory events.


Inductions will be held Nov 22 @ the OU Inn starting at 4:30. Please plan to arrive early as the ceremony will start on time. Keep your eyes peeled for a point op for drivers. Attendance at the ceremony is mandatory and only excused by work or class.

Kate and Communications

If you haven't paid for you're rain jacket it's late- please pay.

If you haven't picked up your t-shirt please see me. Also, if you have not confirmed your size with ME please contact me. ks095812@ohio.edu 614-572-4501

Hannah and Finance


Business Card due date extended to next week! Please be on time with that!

Payment for all items is 2 weeks after receipt of the item. After 2 weeks, your points will be frozen, no exceptions. Talk to Hannah if there are conflicts.

Financial Tip: Don't treat yourself too often.

Phil and Alumni Engagement

Next Bobcat2Bobcat will be held December 3 6:30 to 7:30 in Front Room. This will be mandatory if you did not attend the first one.

The panel will cover interview strategies and internships and should be super enlightening!

Mak and Professional Development

Linked in- just do it.

Let Mak know if there are questions you would like to see asked sometime during the semester!

"Google drive resources are still a thing"

There are plenty of Professional Development resources here- check it out for tips and tricks!


Sierra Humphrey, our new VP of PD. Over the course of the rest of the semester, Mak will be transitioning Sierra to her new position, so please give her all the support you can!

Congrats, Sierra we are all supporting you.

And Congrats to Mak, you're going to have an awesome experience at your internship!

Allison and Student Outreach

"Christmas is in 40 Days"

And the spring recruitment theme is- drumroll- "POP out of the crowd, join SAB!"

Get excited for lots of fun food featuring the word "POP!" and comic book like graphics on promo stuff.

Let Allison know if you have any other POPPING ideas. (baahahhaaaa)

Get the scoop and founders week are coming up, keep your eyes peeled.

Follow us on your social media accounts!


Facebook: Student Alumni Board

Alysha and Fundraising

Give Alysha your DP Dough receipts with your name on them for a point op!

FWSB Assembly will be after Thanksgiving Break: Keep an eye out for a date!

Amanda and Philanthropy

Pop Tab Competition: Pop Tabs for our competition are due November 29. Start saving your pop tabs and bring them to Ally Kuehn. We're competing with Student Senate to see who can collect the most pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House! The winning organization will receive a pizza party (if we win, senate buys us pizza!)

It's not like we don't go through a lot of cans.

SAB BobcaThon Team: Anyone interested in joining the SAB BobcaThon team can now sign up until next Sunday (22nd). After this date, you will not be able to join our team and receive fundraising assistance provided by philanthropy committee events.

BOTB Project Manager: The Bare on the Bricks PM application is now live! Send this completed form to Amanda (am822312@ohio.edu) by December 6th to be considered for the position.

Emily and Internal Activities

Buddy Fam Week! Monday Nov 16- Friday Nov 20 (All events are open to all members)

Monday- Reveal 7:00 pm (for bigs, 7:30 for littles) @ KAC Sign up. 1 point

Tuesday- Ice Skating 8:30 pm $3.50 @ Bird Arena Sign up. 1point

Wednesday- Thanksgiving 7:00pm @ KAC Sign up. 1 point for coming, 1 point to bring a side. Each family must bring a side dish.

Thursday- Hunger Games Geek Retreat 7:30 pm @ KAC Followed by carpool to see the new movie! Bring money for tickets and snacking needs. Sign up. 1 point for coming, 1 point for carpooling.

Friday- Meet with your fam anytime, send Emily a picture, get 1 point. No sign up.

Difference between points and stars this week:

All members will receive a point for attending the event.

Each family will get a star for attending the event together towards winning the overall competition for the week. (the only excuse for this is class or work conflicts and you MUST email those excuses to me BEFORE the event)

If your whole family attends and dresses the same you will get an additional star.

If your family wins an individual event you will get a star.

Justin and Member at Large Info

Office Hours: In the SAB office Wednesday 10:00am - 11:30am and Thursday 2:00pm- 4:00pm or by appointment.

No library hours this week.

His contact info:



End of Meeting Announcements

Kate- We have one M Jacket for sale! Contact Kate with interest!

Eli- Thanks to all who came out to see Section Eight on Saturday night, and shout out to Brendon for being a great MC.

That's all folks.

Until next week. This is Kate Stone with your meeting minutes.