Egypt's Geography

Did you know.......

The Nile River....Ancient Egypt's Lifeblood

The Nile River was very important because it provided fertile land and that allowed it's villagers to farm.It was also helpful because it provided it's villagers to have water to drink and take a bath.The Nile River also helped Egypt a lot because that way they could water their crops.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert had such a scorching heat that humans and animals could not live there.The Sahara Desert is also like a security system because it kept outside invaders to come into Egypt.The Sahara Desert could reach temperatures of about 136*F and at night temperatures could drop up to 5*C.

Carolina Santiago

I enjoyed learning about Egypt's geography because I learned about the Nile River.When we were learning about the Nile River I learned what a Delta is,and what the Cataracts are.