Academy of the Arts at Bransom

October 2-6, 2017 (School Days 30-33)

A Note from Your Principal

Parents and Friends of the Academy of the Arts at Bransom,

It is hard to believe it but the first 6-Weeks Grading Period for 2nd-5th graders has ended and we are ready to move on to Grading Period #2. During the next several days teachers will be finalizing grades and tabulations for final grades will be verified in time for Report Card day on Thursday. Unless otherwise specified with your child's teacher, report cards will be transmitted electronically through Family Access. If you haven't yet used Family Access and need assistance either contact your child's teacher or the school office at 817-245-3600. (Hang in there Kinder and 1st grade parents. Your students will receive their report cards at the end of the quarter at 9 weeks.)

It is really exciting to see the progress of students already this year. You may have heard that we have a Wildly Important Goal, or W.I.G. this year. We are working extremely hard to help every student become much better reader and writer. In fact, we want to start with making sure that our students are all on their grade level reading level or higher. 1)For students not on reading level currently, we will need to provide the interventions they need to catch up and then make progress to stay on course. 2)For students who are already on level in reading, we want to make sure they all make at least one year's progress if not more. 3)For students working above grade level, we will work to help them make at least a year's worth of progress.

Every child deserves to be ready for the next grade level and at the same time progress beyond that point if they have the capacity. We have some students that need support from school and support from home to reach these goals. I know that everyone has busy lives but I also know that without a solid foundation in reading, students can suffer in every other subject. Please find ways to support your child's need for progress.

Know your child's current reading level.

Find out the current expected reading level.

Inquire about specific tasks you can do with your child to improve their reading.

Encourage your child to read by asking questions about what they are reading at school.

Listen to your child read everyday.

Read to your child everyday.

Whether or not they admit it, children want nothing more than their parents to be proud of them. Your encouragement and guidance is worth more than you know. Thank you for helping us reach our W.I.G. - Our students will read on or above grade level by the end of the school year.

I can not wait to see the progress that each of our students make this year. The quicker we get "on level", the further we can go and more prepared we'll be.

Thanks as always for your continued support,

Mrs. Burchfield

Reading Tip of the Week

Talk about what you see and do

Talk about everyday activities to build your child's background knowledge, which is crucial to listening and reading comprehension.

Teach your child some "mind tricks"

Show your child how to summarize a story in a few sentences or how to make predictions about what might happen next. Both strategies help a child comprehend and remember.

It's So Fun Watching Student Enjoy Learning

Last Friday was a fun day for our 1st graders. They celebrated John Chapman's birthday. Mr. Chapman is otherwise known as Johnny Appleseed. Even in the middle of making applesauce, there was plenty of reading and writing.

The Arts on Parade

I am so excited about the variety of learning that is happening during Studio Time each Monday. Each Fine Arts Faculty member opens their learning space for students interested in their particular genre - piano, movement, theatre, music, photography, art. Several exhibitions of learning took place last week and we appreciate the parents who were able to attend.

The Battle of the Boot and Mac & Cheese

For those of you who are new to our district, you may not have heard of the "Battle of the Boot." This is a friendly football competition between our two traditional high schools - Burleson High School and Centennial High School. Of course being a feeder school for Centennial High School we will throw our friendly support their way. This year the competition goes beyond the football field. Each school will be collecting food products for the Harvest House, a benevolent organization in Burleson. We will be filling the shelves at the Harvest House through CHS with Mac and Cheese. Every single box of Mac and Cheese will be donated to this Harvest Bowl Food Drive. We will begin collecting boxes on Tuesday of this week and continue through Thursday, October 19. Speaking of friendly competitions, classes will be competing for top donations.

Red Ribbon Week is on its Way

October 23-17 is Red Ribbon Week. Mrs. McCrory, our counselor, will be leading conversations and discussions about leading a healthy life and staying drug free. We have always liked to have fun each day by dressing with a theme to reinforce our message and get more student participation. We have begun thinking about the different possibilities for themes for each day.

  • Monday - "Give Drugs the Boot" and dress up in your best western wear.
  • Tuesday - "Lai off Drugs" and dress in Hawaiian attire.
  • Wednesday - "Drugs Make us See Red" so wear your favorite red shirt and uniform bottoms.
  • Thursday - "Team Up Against Drugs" and wear your favorite sport's team jersey.
  • Friday - "Show Good Character" and dress up like your favorite storybook character.

Please plan for your child to participate as many days as possible.

Burleson Opportunity Fund

FYI - The City of Burleson works very hard provide support to the citizens of Burleson in so many ways. One way that is near and dear to the hearts of parents and educators is to provide a school system that promotes good character, responsible citizenship, and obviously a good education. Unfortunately, some families find it difficult to provide an education beyond the Burleson Independent School system. However, the City of Burleson and the BISD have teamed up to provide scholarships for students who need additional support.

Scholarships from the Burleson Opportunity Find are based primarily on contributions of citizens and businesses. The employees of the Burleson Independent School District are also asked to consider contributing. Nearly all employees of the Academy of the Arts at Bransom have already contributed and I am so thankful. I want to encourage our parents to also consider participating in the fundraiser for the very special fund. If your family, company, or organization need more information about how to contribute, please contact our offices today. Thank you for making education possible for all our citizens.

Below you will find some of the hundreds of recipients of the scholarships funds.

Upcoming Calendar Dates

This Week:

(Bobcat Character Pride Breakfast is being rescheduled due to unforeseen issues.)

Friday - Student Holiday

Upcoming Calendar:

October 9: Columbus Day - Student and Staff Holiday from school

October 10: 4th Grade Field Trip to Bass Performance Hall

October 11: 3rd and 5th Grades Field trip to BHS for FWSO presentation

October 12: Burleson Opportunity Fund Breakfast; “Character Matters” presentation in cafeteria for drama club

October 13: End of 1st Quarter Grading Period for Kinder/1st Grade

October 14: Burleson Founders’ Day

October 17: Big Kahuna Product Delivery date

October 19: Class and Yearbook pictures

October 23-27: Red Ribbon Week

October 23: BISD School Board meeting

October 30: Tentative S.M.A.R.T Family Night

October 31: Halloween

November 2: Character Luncheon

November 3: End of 2nd 6 Weeks Grading Period

Thank You, Academy of the Arts at Bransom PTO

Popcorn, Popcorn, Popcorn - On Friday, the aroma of popcorn was in the air. All students and staff received fresh popped popcorn to wrap up the first grading period. Boy, was it great. Thanks, Ladies.

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