ESU 6 Admin Report Holiday Edition!

(Some of) The December 2022 News You Can Use from ESU 6

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ESU 6 is Hiring for 2023-24: PD Consultant, SLP positions open

ESU 6 is currently seeking qualified candidates for multiple positions for the 2023-24 school year, including:

  • Professional Development Consultant: develops and provides programs and support services based on the requested and assessed needs of area schools. These programs and support services will promote improved adult and student learning through relevant, individualized, and ongoing professional development.
  • Speech Language Pathologist: The Speech Language Pathologist is responsible for the identification and remediation program provided to contracting schools for students with speech, language, and/or hearing impairments.

See for position details and procedures for applying.

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Recognizing the ESU 6 Board: an appreciation note

December marks Board recognition month and we wanted to take a moment to recognize the tireless dedication and servant leadership demonstrated by the ESU 6 Board. Our ESU 6 Board members are elected to four-year terms and have geographically defined election districts encompassing the five-county, sixteen school district area representing ESU 6.

The following Board members ran in the November election and will take the oath of office to commence new four-year terms in January, 2023 (the other members were not up on the 2022 election cycle):

  • Chuck Evans (District 1), who has served on the ESU 6 Board since 2007.
  • Jan Myers (District 3), who has served on the ESU 6 Board since 2001.
  • Dr. Eric Malina (District 5) who has served on the ESU 6 Board since 2015. Eric is the current Board President.
  • Sandy Blankenship (District 7) who has served on the ESU Board since 2009. Sandy is the current Board Secretary.

We wish to extend our gratitude to all seven members of our dedicated ESU Board. The ESU 6 Board places students at the center in decision-making and provides the governance and oversight to ensure our 16 school districts receive the services and supports needed to continue to excel. Thank you, ESU 6 Board!

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ESU 6 Hosts Accountability - Continuous Improvement Classification - Designation Day

ESU 6 hosted and co-facilitated a workday in December focusing on supporting schools examining their recent accountability ratings and student performance designations from the state of Nebraska. With the release of these results, schools in the ESU 6 area seeking additional information and resources to support intervention and school improvement efforts came out to the service unit in order to learn from April Kelley, PD Director, and get support directly from two of the top NDE officials. Supporting schools and presenting information on this day were Dr. Shirley Vargas, Administrator for the Office of Coordinated School and District Support and Micki Charf, Director of Accreditation.

The day's focus included:

  • Developing a better understanding of the classification/designations.
  • Messaging about classification/designation to stakeholders.
  • Exploring plans or ideas on actions that can be taken to address the school’s identified needs.
  • Learning about resources and supports available to help schools address their needs.
  • Q & A with the NDE and ESU 6 staff participating.
  • Time for district teams to work on continuous improvement plans.

For further information or to learn more about the resources and support ESU 6 can offer schools related to the above, please contact Professional Development Director April Kelley at ESU 6.

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ESU 6 hosts Emergency Operations Planning event for area schools

Educational Service Unit 6 (ESU 6) hosted a full day event on school safety planning for area school leaders on Tuesday, December 13. The focus of the program was on "Sustaining and Strengthening Your District EOP (Emergency Operations Plan)." The day's program was facilitated by Scott Stemper, a veteran law enforcement officer and educator, who serves as the Emergency Operations Planning Specialist for the School Safety & Security division of the Nebraska Department of Education. Dr. Skretta, ESU 6 Administrator, assisted as a co-facilitator. Joining representatives from eight area school districts in attending was Keith Rohwer, Ambassador with the Nebraska Council of School Administrators.

The EOP is an essential systems tool for prevention, preparation and response in the school safety realm. The EOP is a comprehensive plan for addressing prevention, preparedness, response and recovery to minimize the impact of any hazard, threat or incident to the safety and security of students, staff visitors, and school property.

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State Releases Computer Science and Technology Act Guidance

Spurred by workforce shortages and a desire to ensure earlier exposure to technology career fields and career paths, the passage of LB1112 by the Nebraska Legislature is ushering in new requirements for school districts. Some of the new requirements dictated by The Computer Science and Technology Act include:

  • Beginning with the school year 2024-2025, each public school district shall include computer science and technology education in the instructional programs of its elementary and middle schools, as appropriate.
  • Students in the class of 2027 (current 8th graders in 2022-2023) in public schools must complete at least one course in computer science and technology (as defined by Nebraska State Statute 79-3004) as a graduate requirement.
  • Each school district shall provide an annual computer science and technology education status report to its local board of education and the State Department of Education.

ESUs across the state will serve as facilitative hubs to convene teacher networks and support non-profit entities like to provide collaborative opportunities to access curricular and instructional supports available as schools prepare to meet these requirements.

For the full text of the NDE Guidance document, go to act-guidance/, where you can learn about more particulars including timeline for implementation, qualifying courses, and clearing endorsements.

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Focused In: Current EHA Challenge Focuses on Educator Self-Care

The Educators Health Alliance is reminding educators at a busy and stressful time of year that taking time for yourself is one of the best means of sustaining your ability to forge ahead and sustain the energy to keep giving to others. A daily email to participants in this month's wellness challenge will include an inspirational quotation, a gratitude prompt, an affirmation, and a mindfulness activity.

Making a commitment to practice self-care and focus on yourself for just 20 minutes can produce marked increases in levels of contentment as well as enhancing productivity. By "focusing in" on the importance of these small daily rituals, EHA invites you to challenge yourself - and be rewarded! Log in at to learn more.

Dr. John Skretta, ESU 6 Administrator

Dr. Skretta is the Educational Service Unit #6 Administrator. ESU 6 serves almost 1,000 teachers and its 16 public school districts educate over 14,000 students annually. Dr. Skretta serves as the direct liaison and contact for consultation and support to school district superintendents and oversees the provision of core and elective service areas by the ESU 6 Directors and their respective departments. Dr. Skretta serves on the Information Resources Committee and chairs the Legal Committee of the ESUCC.

Educational Service Unit #6

ESU 6 serves the educational needs of our 16 member school districts in five different counties, offering students and staff a comprehensive program of services, including:

  • Professional Development
  • Student Services
  • Technology
  • Production and Design

The highly qualified team members of ESU 6 will work directly with you and your staff to determine how we can tailor services to best meet your school's needs. ESU 6 is here to ADVOCATE, COLLABORATE, & COMMUNICATE with educators and systems across the ESU 6 area. ESU 6 Staff and Specialty Areas Can be Found on our Website at