The Coming of the Young Ceremony

Ceremony for Ones to Twelves.

Who should Attend

Those under Twelve, the Family Unit of those who are attending this Ceremony and Nurturers.

Upcoming Ceremony

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 12am

Central Plaza

Why this is Important to Attend

♥Ceremony of the First♥

Will be sent to the Nurturing Center to be nurtured and closely monitored. If are healthy then you participate of the Ceremony Of Ones in December.

♥Ceremony of the Ones♥

Ones will earn a name, a Family Unit, and a Comfort Object.

♥Ceremony of the Fours♥

Will receive a jacket with buttons down the back to teach the kids interdependence.

♥Ceremony of the Eights♥

Will start volunteer Hours and their comfort object will be taken away for reuse.

♥Ceremony of the Nines♥

Will learn and receive a bike.

♥Ceremony of the Tens♥

Boys must have their hair cut short.

♥Ceremony of the Elevens♥

Boys must start wearing longer pants.

♥Ceremony of the Twelves♥

Will receive their life assignment and will start training.