My Name Is Jeff

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Things I like to do

I like to play basketball and football. I also like to go on long walks, Especially in the dark.
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What I like list

1.I really like the color blue

2. I like outside a lot

3. I like to play with friends

4. like to hang out with friends

5. like to spend time family

6. like to spend time with my grand father

7. like to help my dad around the farm

8 like to listen to country, pop, and a little of old rock.

9. like to play the piano

10 like to play with my trumpet

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Places I like to go

1. like to hang out at my friends house.

2. like to go to parades

3. to to be part of a parade

4. like to go to antique stores with my grand father

5. I like to go to cattle shows with my family

6. I like to go to the fair

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What I like to eat.

1. Ice cream

2. pizza

3. steak

4. chicken

5. chicken casserole

6. pizza casserole

7. hot dogs

8. pigs in a blanket

9. eggs

10. hamberger

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What I want to do when I get older

1. a farmer

2. a construction worker

3. a engineer

4. a farm engineer

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