Shellie Carson

Instructional Technology Specialist

Things you might not know about me:

  1. I love to cook, especially in inventive ways. I even write a cooking blog!
  2. I played competitive piano for 10 years and love to compose music.
  3. When I was a junior I ripped all but 1 of the ligaments in both ankles playing basketball, and none of them can grow back.
  4. I graduated college when I was 20.
  5. I am an advocate for children in foster care and I am an adoptive parent.
  6. I am a tech geek and love learning new ways to integrate technology.
  7. I graduated from St. Mary's University with my B.A. in 2002
  8. I graduated from Texas Tech University with my M.S. in 2004

What is an ITS?

I will be here to assist you in planning, preparation, co-teaching, helping with technology integration ideas, and training you throughout the year on ways you can use technological tools to boost the HEAT level of your instruction.

Technology in Education

Watch this video to learn more about how technology can be integrated into instruction.