Think Big. Think Taft.

Vote for the true Trust Buster

Taft's Intentions

Taft is a determined to do whatever he needs to do to get bills and acts passed through congress as quickly as possible. He wants to try to make America the best it can be by making executive decisions that will make America keep moving forward. Also he going to make sure that the executive powers stay only in his hands unlike Roosevelt, who loosely kept control of the executive powers. Taft doesn't want to have any big monopolies or trusts and he is determined to break most of the trusts formed and he will end monopolization in business. If he gets re-elected in to the White House, he will expand military size to make sure that the nation is protected and he will aid other nations by providing loans to poor countries.

What Taft notably did as president

Establish the children's bureau- Helped with children's rights

Establish the bureau of mines- Represented the mines

Increase safety regulations- Fixed problems in factories and protected workers

Pass the Payne Aldrich Bill- reduced tariffs

"William Howard Taft" The Two Man Gentlemen Band