Pablo Picasso

92 Years

Background History

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1881. His first words were said to be "piz piz" which is a shortening of the spanish word "lapiz" which means "pencil". Pablo's father was an artist. At the age of 7, Pablo's younger sister died of Diphtheria and Pablo was traumatized. Not long afterwards, he and his family moved to Barcelona where his father got a job teaching the arts. Pablo attended the school and learned more about art.

Pablo Picasso was the oldest of his siblings. He had three younger sisters and later ended up having two wives. He had four children from three different women.

Art Movements

In 1908, Cubism was established by Pablo Picasso. Cubism was a movement in art in which the painting had a more boxed effect. The painting was formed with abstract. Perspective with a single viewpoint was practically abandoned when it came to painting at this time.
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"The Weeping Woman"

I like the main idea in this painting. The colors are important as well as the shapes. I also like that Picasso used Cubism to paint this.