Bacon and Hot Dogs Cause Cancer

Mariah Harlow

Article Summary

This article is from a popular magazine called Seventeen. I found this article online and the publication date is from October 27, 2015 and is written by one of their writers named Megan Friedman. This article talks about how new report claims are saying that red meat causes cancer. It gave a list of different meats like bacon, sausages, hot dogs, and states that those are examples of meats that cause cancer. The article says that The International Agency for Research on Cancer (Which is a subdivision of The World Health Organization) states that they had twenty two experts from ten countries researching meats and found over 800 studies that connected meat to different types of cancer. They state that cooking the meat is what introduces the cancer-causing chemicals. The researchers say that “for every extra 50 grams of processed meat consumed a day, the risk of colon and rectal cancer increases by 18 percent.” The panel from The International Agency for Research on Cancer had no recommendations but The American Cancer Society recommends cutting back on red meat and eating more vegetables and fish.

Article Critique

The author of the article is just an editor for Seventeen Magazine. I feel like the author does have good credentials to write because Seventeen Magazine is a well known popular magazine and I don’t think that they would just hire anybody to write their articles. However, I do not think she or Seventeen Magazine is a credible source for this information. Seventeen Magazine is a popular teen girl magazine and the articles written in it are usually about fashion and health related topics aimed at young girls. Seventeen Magazine did not perform the research about how meat causes cancer they just reported about others doing it. I do not think the information is credible as well, because again, it was not Seventeen Magazine who did the research. They were just saying what others have found. The article is well written and the information in it is just based on research others provided. The research is very vague and there was not a lot detail in the description of the research that was performed. It really just went over the results of the research. They said that they didn’t measure the risks of eating raw meat. Shouldn’t they have included that if they are making the claim that red meat causes cancer? I think the article is misleading and contradicting. At one point it says that the panel from the International Agency for Research on Cancer did not vote unanimously that meat causes cancer. Why are they claiming it then? I just feel like the whole article didn’t have anything to back the claim up. If I wanted to find more valid information I would go to where the results were published or I would go to the World Health Organization.

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