The Moderns


A Journey Back Into Time

The Moderns time period wasn’t exactly known as the time period that created traditions. It was more known as the time period that broke traditions. In this time period American Literature really started becoming something big. In 1913, the modernists found their audience, their age, and each other.


One thing that helped during The Moderns time period for journalist, media, and the newspaper; was in 1929 when the stock market crashed and almost everyone around the country was affected by the crash. When the stock market crashed a lot of people were devastated, they thought that the world was falling apart, but to the writers they took this as an opportunity. Some writers wrote about their experiences and others they simply used other people’s stories and wrote about them like Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. A few other world events that were going on during this time period was The Harlem Renaissance and World War 1 was just ending.

The Main Writers of This TIme

The Time That Really Shaped Things Up

Why The Modernism Time Period Help American Literature

When the time period grew older and new writers came in and others left, the work became more influential. In the 1930’s, literature started to control the readers perspectives by the different aspects of the writers’ opinions. Writers in the 1930’s started to write to make the reader laugh and get a sense of something that was fiction. A very well known author, Dr. Seuss, wrote to entertain the reader. He added humor to his works and make them more entertaining. He wrote to keep his audience happy and to keep them laughing as they read his many stories. American literature is an important part of our society. It allows us to gain information and helps us be entertained even if we are going through a hard time. That is exactly what happened in 1914-1939. Writers wrote to entertain and help others gain information on things that were important to their society, even if the books were fiction. Some of them were based on real life things that happened to them or a loved one that went through the greatest impact on their lives. American literature really started to shape the country and it hasn’t stopped since.

The Moderns

Emily Miller