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Week of January 21-24

Positivity Project-Character Strength of the Week

This week's P2 Character Trait of the week is "Prudence." Prudence is the ability to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. It's a future-oriented way of thinking that helps a person set goals, make plans, and have the discipline to accomplish them. It is cognitive –

more a strength of the head than of the heart.

“Prudence is the knowledge of things to be sought, and those to be shunned.” -CICERO

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2018-2019 Texas Academic Performace Report

To learn about Cryar's 2019 Accountability Summary, please go to:

From the school’s website:

· Go to "Our School/Campus"

· Click “View School Profile"

· Select “Accountability Reports”

· Click “2018-2019”

· Select "Texas Academic Performance Report or Federal Report Card"

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What's coming up?

January 20-Student/Staff Holiday

January 22-6th Grade Science Common Assessment #3

January 24-Clubs Day

January 27-Band Fundraiser Begins

January 28-5th Grade Science Common Assessment #4

January 30-5th Grade Reading Common Assessment #4

January 31-6th Grade Math Common Assessment

January 31-Guy Code

About Us

Bethany Medford-Principal

Denise Coello-5th Grade Asst.Principal

Carlton Todd-6th Grade Asst. Principal

Amanda Spikes-5th Grade Counselor

Mandy Stewart-6th Grade Counselor