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Cyberbullying is bullying on the internet and on any electronics that have access to the internet and messaging, eg; ipads, iphones (phones), and computers. When you cyberbully you are hurting someones feellings repeatively on messaging, instagram, kik, facebook, snapchat and other social networks. When the people cyberbully you, you could take things the wrong way and the people who are doing the bullying think that its okay because its not to their face but it isnt okay to the other person.

Who can help

If you are getting bullied you can get help from a parent, teacher or another adult. You can also call or go to the kids helpline website for help.

so keep safe

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Online Safety

How To Keep Safe Online

To keep safe online you need to know who your talking to and sharing things with, what to share and what NOT to share. There are many dangerous people out there and they can start chats with you, ask to meet up or ask for your phone number and address, if so say NO. Do NOT share:

phone number, email, adress, picture of you in your SCHOOL UNIFORM, password, personal stuff, mean comments and inapropreate pictures!

Things you can share is:

nice comments, appropreate pictures and pictures out of uniform.


* Set your page on private in settings so people can only see things that you want to share and only with your permission.

*Be sure to only put appropreate things on your page and not inappropreate ones.

* Make sure a parent or guardian knows what websites you are on and who else can access the website and see you.

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What is Netiquette

Netiquette is a word that has been invented and it comes from two words, net is internet or network and iquette is ediquette. Ediquette means to be polite in any sircumstances and net is the internet, so put these two words into one word is netiquette and it means to be polite on the internet. For more imformation visit

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