Dog Fighting

By: Nichole Arledge

What is dog fighting?

Dog fighting is a blood sport where dogs are forced to fight for the viewer's entertainment. Fights are taken place in pits, and can last for several hours or until one dog cannot or will not continue. Although it is a felony in all 50 states, they still do it in a variety of communities.

Why should it stop?

Dog fighting is a sick game full of greed, violence, and abuse. Dog fighting is associated with other criminal activities like: gambling, abusing the dogs, the use of weapons from the money present, using of illegal drugs on the animals and drugs being sold, and bloodthirsty murder. The fighters use these dogs over and over again, as if they mean less than dirt to them.

How do the dogs suffer?

If the dogs are alive after the fight, they might die from untreated wounds, including: puncture wounds, deep cuts, blood loss, and broken bones. Also, the dogs can perish from shock, hunger, or infection. The dogs that lose can be wet down and electrocuted, hung, beaten, shot, drowned, or used for bait.

Why do people dog fight?

People do this for bragging rights if they win the fight, profit from gambling, and the money from selling the pups to other fighters. Dog fighting is all about the greed of money.

How you can help!

  1. Contact local authorities if any suspicious activities are occurring.
  2. Donate to animal protection organizations.
  3. Start petitions for anti-chaining ordinances.
Together, we can put a final stop to dog fighting. But, we need your help to save these poor animals.