2016 is the year to LEAD!

It's time to prepare for our journey together

Hello GLE Participants!

Happy New Year to all of you!! I hope everyone's 2016 is off to a great start.

In order to prepare us for our journey together, I have a couple of activities that will help us make the most of our time together in Silicon Valley. The first activity involves team work and you will find more details below. I will send you the other activity next week.

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Team Activity

VIA staff will be emailing each of you a list of organizations that are connected to one of your interests and a list of the people in your team. You will have two days during the program to visit with organizations that are related to your social issue. The goal for this assignment is to learn how to network, ask questions, and take initiative for connecting with others.

Once you receive the email you can connect to those on your team and follow the instructions below.


  • Please connect with others in your team to decide who will email which organization.

  • Look up each organization and read about the work they do.

  • Use the provided template (it will be part of the team email) as a start for creating your email. If you have any troubles writing your email, you can ask for assistance from Christy, Hirona or Lupita.

  • Send the emails early next week. When you get a reply, let your teammates know what you find out and coordinate the visits.

  • Make sure to respond to any replies you receive and confirm your meeting times :)

Your team is responsible for setting up a minimum of one appointment. Please try to set up 1-2 meetings, depending on the location and times available for each organization. Please confirm your meeting(s) by January 31st. You can email Hirona your meeting times. If you need any help with this assignment, please email me and I will help you!

Christy Inhulsen

VIA Cross-Cultural & Leadership Director

I seek those who want to connect authentically and transform our reality with compassion.