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February 16, 2016

Congratulations, Celebrations and Gratitudes

One more February Birthday wish . . . to Heidi, who also celebrates the day she was born this month.

Please keep Kellie in your thoughts and prayers this week. Her brother-in-law suddenly passed away on Friday. She will gone this week and is in Arkansas right now with her husband.

Thanks to Kim and Jessica for the Mashtini Bar last week. It was so yummy and enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Shay for being so flexible to fill in many areas of need last week. And thanks to the classroom teachers that allowed that.

Thanks to the entire staff who really functions like a family. I see so many people supporting each other in times of need and congratulating each other when reasons for celebration occur. We have the best staff! I love working with all of you.

Thanks to Annie & Erika, who proposed an idea that will lead us to only have 7 days of PARCC testing for each grade level in March. Yahoo!

Workday on Friday, Feb 19th

This is a contracted day for all certified staff. It is expected that all staff will work their usual hours from 7:40 am - 3:40 pm.

Deep Lesson Plan Reminders - Stage 3

Just a reminder that Stage 3 Deep Planning is the daily and weekly detailed lesson plans that you are required to turn in for math, reading and writing. Stage 3 work could be totally encompassed within a single day of instruction or could be over the course of several days. Stage 3 planning should always include the following elements: Hook, Academic Vocabulary, Content Vocabulary, Formative Assessments, Demonstrated/Modeled Instruction (I do), Guided Instruction (We do) by teacher and/or peers, Independent Practice (you do). These are research based elements that are required for deep planning in Stage 3. These should be directly linked to the work in Stage 1 and Stage 2. I realize that we are not unpacking writing this year, but you should be doing some sort of unpacking of standards to get to Stage 3 in writing as well. Please let Kristin know if you need help meeting this Stage 3 expectation. She is here to help with meeting this non-negotiable best practice. I realize it is a lot of work, but please keep in mind Charlotte Danielson's quote, "80% of good teaching is deep planning."

No CoPlanning this week

There will not be any co-planning this week. This means that if there is co-planning to be done, you and your grade level partner need to get that work done without the instructional coach. Please try to stay up to date with the scope and sequence with unpacking and unit development. Please do not forgo this important step in deep planning. Stage 3 (daily/weekly) lesson plans that are not connected to unit lesson plans cause risk for learners to have huge gaps or for learning to not be connected to assessment.
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Important Reminders about Substitutes

Every teacher should have a substitute folder that is clearly marked and filled with explanations, lessons, seating charts and other necessary items for each substitute.

1- Please be sure you have detailed plans for a substitute when they come to your classroom. Do not rely on students to help the substitute, but take the time to write down the instructions for things like how to run reading rotations, what the line up procedure is or where to be located for outside duty. A good sub will come early and take the time to read through all of your notes. Once they are created, you can reuse them for the next sub.

2 - Please leave a seating chart or similar item for your subs, if you no longer have names on every desk or table location. Do not rely on one or two students to be the substitute teacher. This creates a leverage for that student over others and gives them uneven power over students. Create a map or chart of where students need to work for different activities and who should be where. when it doesn't matter where students sit for a specific activity, just say so in your plans.

3 - Please be sure you have instructions that help them reinforce your classroom rules. These guest teachers want to be responsible and make your absence as easy as possible. Let them continue the same rules and consequences in your classroom. They need to know what they are and where to look for them. Don't forget to leave a couple of office referral forms in case they need to send someone to the office.

4 - Do not give your sub your email or any passwords. If they need to use the computer, projector or smartboard, set them up with necessary digitial items on the teacher account of your computer. User name is teacher; password should be either te@ch or hc@et. Let Jonathan or Jen know if this platform doesn't work on your teacher computer.

5 - Did you know that you can give substitute feedback? Teachers are able to give feedback in two ways: 1) rating their substitute experience with a 5 stars method; 2) blocking a substitute if they do not want them to return to their classroom. If you do not know how to do this, ask Jen and she'll show you how.

Building & District Collab Times for February 2016

Please send a brief email describing what was accomplished during collab time. I want to be able to advocate and celebrate the good work that occurs during collab time.

Feb 19 - No Collab Time Today due to Workday

Feb 26 - District Collab for all grade level teams and departments to continue facilitated Scope & Sequence or formative assessment work

Tech Camp for Teachers - Thursday

Don't forget that the next Tech Camp for Teachers is this Thursday, Feb 18th at 4:00 pm at Craig Middle School. Remember that those that participate will earn and extra 30 minute of plan time. Your 30 mins can be used whenever needed and just needs to be arranged with myself or Kristin to take over for your classroom or duties. If you attend all 3 tech camps you can earn as much as 1 1/2 hours of plan time.

RSVP at the link below. 30 minute of extra plan time will be given for each session you attend.



  • Turn in/share your lesson plans for this week for reading, writing and math.
  • Post exemplary work from your grade level on grade level bulletin boards in front hallway near the office this week, so it is displayed prior to PT conferences.
  • Prepare for PT Conferences; finish report cards on or before Monday, Feb 22nd.
  • Provide reminders to parents about upcoming PT Conferences via emails, notes home, websites, or phone calls to specific parents that you think are at risk for not attending.

This Week's Events & Happenings (Feb 8 - 12)

Monday - Feb 15

  • No School for Students or Staff

Tuesday - Feb 16

  • School Board Work Session @ Admin Building 7:00 am
  • CST Team Meetings 2:30 pm
  • IEP Meetings 3:40 pm
  • Parent Technology Camp 6:00 pm @ CMS

Wednesday - Feb 17

  • Benefits Committee Meeting - 4:00 pm @ Admin Building
  • Budget Stakeholders Meeting - 6:00 pm @ Clarion Inn & Suites

Thursday - Feb 18

  • Elementary Principal Collab 8:30 am
  • SUMMIT Math Learning Walks with Brittney Miller

Friday - Feb 19

  • Workday (No Students) 7:40 - 3:40

What's Happening Next Week? (Feb 22 - 26)

  • Probationary Evaluation Summative Conferences - Throughout the Week
  • Parent Teacher Conferences K - 5th: Monday & Wednesday
  • School Board Meeting - Tuesday 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm
  • Student iPad Camp - Tuesday
  • Parent Teacher Conferences for Preschool - Thursday & Friday
  • Budget Stakeholder Meeting - Wednesday

What's Happening Next Month in March?

  • The Last After-School Digi Dog Tech Camp
  • The Last Offering for Teacher and Parent Tech Camps
  • PARCC Testing in ELA & Math
  • Social Event for all Staff & Families
  • Classified Appreciation Days
  • Breakfast being provided for all PARCC Testers

East's Vision for Our Students

Vision Statement: Students will be able to transfer their learning by applying knowledge, understanding and skills to real world situations by accessing higher order thinking.

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