Thank you for all your efforts in creating/sustaining the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support/ Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (MTSS/PBIS) in your building. We have seen wonderful work from our schools - even in the midst of a pandemic. KUDOS TO YOU! While this school year is coming to a close, I am sure the thoughts of how to plan for next year have been circling in your mind. This newsletter has been created to bring you some ideas for just that - planning for whatever may come through your MTSS/PBIS framework.

MTSS/PBIS Foundation

MTSS/PBIS is the framework for everything we do & is trauma-informed.
  • Align all your incentives, initiatives, and programs (Academic and behavioral)

  • Create your own intervention triangle and place all your supports in the corresponding tiers

  • Focus on data-based decision making

  • Use your TFI to plan for the next school year

  • Fidelity - consistency is the key to results

  • Build relationships, build relationships, build relationships!

  • Avoid the temptation to add new practices - we'll have more than enough to do just by returning

When making a plan for the fall, think about teaching your expectations and routines over a longer period of time. Think about using the tools you have to a greater intensity for 6-8 weeks.

George Sugai and Susan Barrett recently did Community Conversations segments. Both presentations have great information regarding this topic. Click the button below to be taken to the Center for Behavioral Support's YouTube channel to listen and view.

Get the biggest impact with effective evidence based strategies.

(These tips are ideas to share - not requirements.)

When we do return to our buildings, all staff members will be adjusting back into "normal" life-whatever that may look like. Focus on simple, effective strategies when discussing the responses to behavior.

1. 5 to 1 Ratio - 5 positive comments to each negative or corrective comment

2. Behavior specific praise that is tied to your school-wide expectations

  • Formula: 1. Student's name, 2. name the behavior, 3. link to expectation

  • "Johnny, you arrived to class on time, that's being responsible."

  • Focus on praising the behavior, not the student as a person.

  • We want students to know exactly why they are being praised or receiving an incentive.

Mental Wellness for ALL

What are your universal precautions?

  • Safe and stable environment
  • Clearly defined expectations, procedures, routines (consistent across locations)

    • Physical distancing and hand washing

  • Ongoing embedded instruction of expectations, procedures, routines, social-emotional skills

  • Daily routines that allow classrooms to build a sense of community, foster relationships and experience positive connections

  • Clearly defined ways for students to ask for help

  • Positive greetings and positive social interactions throughout the day

  • Staff engaged in active supervision across all contexts (scan, move, interact)

  • Spaces and Routines for teachers to re-group, re-set, neutralizing routine

  • Teacher connectedness and wellness activities

  • Growth mindset culture for staff with ongoing training, coaching and performance feedback

How will COVID 19 impact the routines in your building when we return?

This is a very loaded question. We will follow the directives we are given by the CDC, our Governor, State Superintendent, our Superintendent, and local leaders. Be thinking about how you are going to incorporate those changes into your new school procedures. For example, we are used to high fives and fist bumps as forms of greetings. Greetings are an easy, powerful way to build relationships. What is a new idea for a greeting technique that is safe? Just an example to ponder.
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Big picture
Get a template to make your own planning matrix here.

Please be sure to make a copy and type in your copy. Thank you!

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Please reach out to the SMCPS MTSS/PBIS Coordinators with any questions, comments, or concerns. They are here and always happy to help!

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