My Camp Experiance

By Ben L

Lost Island (Mud World)

Lost Island was a fun obsticle course that was full of mud! while we were on the small white pipe, the instructors were throughing water at us. Also there were logs that we had to go under, over, under, over.

Canoeing in the lake

My first activity At the great Aussie Bush Camp was canoeing. we had a lot of fun on the canoeing lake. On boat on the lake capsized! one of the games we played on the lake was water netball. We had to get the ball in the green canoe 3 times or we had to were our pj's for the rest of the day!

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing looks hard but is quite easy. the 3 coloured dots tell you the

Difficulty.White = easy, Orange= meduim and red = hard.