Forensic Psychiatrist

By: Leah Noble

Education Requirements

A student at a college can focus on getting a bachelors degrees in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a focus on psychology. You also may need to take the courses, abnormal psychology, psychology of deviance, and forensics. But as your main goal to make a good salary and get a good job, you will need to get a masters or doctorate degree in forensic psychology.

Duties and Payments

Forensic Psychiatrist helps attorneys, courts and other parties involved in an actual or possible lawsuit determining an individuals mental health. So they pretty much tell you if the murderer is mentally insane or if they are mentally stable. The pay of a forensic psychiatrist vary from where you live. Generally if you live in a more dense populated area you will get more business because there is more crime. The average pay goes from $ 70,920- $177,330. And even in some places they get paid even more.

Frequently asked Questions

How is forensic psychology useful for the legal process?

-There are problems outside of the court as in mental health and the forensic psychiatrist are considered an expert witness.

What is Forensic Psychiatry?

-It is a branch of medicine which focuses on the interface of law and mental health.