Counting by 7's

By Marym SIknawi


Willow was in the car with her councilor and her friend. Once they got to Willows house the police was there and has told her, her parents died in a car crash. Her friend, Mai told her mom what had happened and now she lived with them temporarily in their house which is the garage. I've been in a garage but I've never lived in one and I wouldn't like too. I wouldn't want to be in a time and place like that because it's devastating to loose both your parents. After she got hurt and was done getting stitches she went tto hide in the library but Mai found her.

Main Character

Willow is a girl who loves to garden and is very observant, she is extremely smart and doesn't really have much friends. Although she tries to fit in she really can't. She is a little dark from being in the sun planting things, she has dark eyes and brown hair and she dresses kind of weird but she expresses her self. On the first day of her new middle school Sequoia she dressed up in her gardening clothes. i would like to be her friend because she seems nice in the book.

Other Characters

Mai is one of Willow's friend, they met at one of Willow's counseling