Exotic Animals As Pets?

Should people have exotic animals as pets?

Exotic animals could turn on you!

If you don't spend time with your exotic pet or you don't feed it enough, it will picture you as a piece of food, leading to attacks and bites. Statistics show that many people a year all over the world get killed by animals. Monkeys and other African animals could carry viruses such as herpes B. Not only is this bad for humans but its also bad for the animals, because the animals could get to stressed or get too paranoid where they are.

Is having an exotic pet expensive?

Yes it is very expensive to the point where just getting an exotic pet like a white lion costs on average $138,000.00, not including how much it will cost you to feed it and care for it. Also building a habitat for it is expensive. A zoo quality habitat is around $9.5 million dollars. This is an animal that's only going to live for probably 15 years.

Is it cruel to have an exotic pet?

Having an exotic pet can harm wildlife in the process. When you keep an exotic animal, soon after the animal gets bigger. Most people stick them in cages and beat them to death. They often chain the animals up and beat them into submission. The animals can get stressed and traumatized if they aren't ready to be in that kind of environment.
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