Dr. Z's Curriculum Corner

Designed for the Admin and Staff of BTSD Vol. 4. April 3rd

Proud to be a part of your team!

During the next few weeks I will be coming around to the schools to kind of re-introduce myself to your school and staff. I will be starting with BTES on Wednesday. I am very excited to talk to you guys. I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding with the PARCC Infrastructure Test. It was very successful and I know that we will be doing well once the test opens up. Here's and idea of what is going on in the Curriculum Department this week.

Right before we left for break NJ SMART released everyone's SGP score. I will be taking those scores (they are from the 2014 - 2015 School Year) and will be comparing it to this year's staff. I will re-score this year's final evaluation score. For teachers who gave the PARCC Test, they SGP will be 10% of their final score.

On Friday, I will hopefully have the final meeting with the Math Committee. We have reviewed multiple series. We have eliminated the Envisions Math Series. We have gone to see My Math and Go Math in action in different districts. We are now going to discuss our findings in the programs and choose the best fit for Berkeley Township. Once we collectively decide on the new program I will send out the pros and cons of the two and what we eliminated. We will then be able to start training on the new program and ordering for next year.

6th Grade Teachers I will be talking with you soon to collaborate with the Central Teachers to determine the next steps in the Science Program. It is mandated that our 6th Grade use the NGSS for the next school year and grades k-5 the following year.

Upcoming things to know.

  • The BSI Teachers will be meeting with me soon to discuss next year.
  • The ALPS Teachers will be meeting soon as well.
  • Mrs. Cotten is giving the ACCESS Test which is computer based and used to determine student's levels in ELL.
  • The report cards have been submitted to Realtime and the new requirements for Honor Roll as well as the new retention policy are being updated as well.
  • There is a teacher chosen in each school to be in charge of Dyslexia Screening. Debbie and I have revised the policy and will be setting up a meeting with those teachers to finalize a plan for screenings.