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Green Office Supplies: Cut Down your Office Costs and Carbon Footprint

It is really shocking to know that every year 250 million tonnes of harmful waste and emissions are created by UK offices. So, companies need to take a correct approach to reduce the production of waste and influence the green movement.

One of the main advantages of going green is to save costs on daily office products. You need tonnes of paper to meet your daily business commitments. You need other office stationery, catalogues, etc. Recycling all waste paper would help you get ready to use paper without the need of cutting down trees! In a way, recycling helps you save money since the process is far more economical than buying tonnes of paper and office supplies from the market.

In response to how to be green, well it is not that hard a task to turn your office into an eco-friendly working environment. More and more businesses in the UK are teaching, communicating, supporting, and encouraging employees’ participation in the green process.

One of the best ways to start the green process is by choosing green office supplies. You must choose a reliable company that is well known in the industry for supplying 100% environmentally-friendly office stationery and other products. One of the leading names in the office supplies industry is Global Office Supplies. The company is successfully supplying the offices of the UK recycled products whilst reducing the negative impact waste cause to the environment. In addition to helping companies lower down their stationery costs, Global Office Supplies also has a low-emission delivery fleet for 100% recycled packaging of all goods with delivery on the same day. Global gives you the option to choose from over its 5000 eco-friendly office products.

Recycling is one of the easiest things to do in answer to how to be green at work. Allow Global Office Supplies to recycle up to 96% of your office waste. You can communicate with them to recycle anything starting from toner cartridges to glass, plastic or cardboard that is required in your office every day. They will collect the waste and will recycle them to produce fresh, ready to use products without emitting harmful chemicals or gases in the environment. Another very good reason for recycling all your office waste is for saving cost and remaining within your budget. Not only is recycling paper and other office stationery good for the environment but they also help you save up to 60% on your consumable spend.

Green office supplies will reduce your carbon footprint from the very first order. Global’s experienced team offers the following services:

• Office recycling and waste removal

• Free of cost toner collection and recycling

• Low CO2 emission delivery fleet

• Eco-friendly toner cartridges

• 100% recycled packaging

• Same day delivery on time

It is a normal custom for every company to look for ways to cut down costs. Global Office Supplies can help you lower your office costs by up to 30%. You need to give them the cost of the most frequently used products. The team will discount them accordingly and pay you the best possible price.

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