peaple need space

kids shuold have there own room

do you have your own room?  kids arnt geting the room thay  need . in other words alot of  adults arnt giving kids  ther own room!

yes you should have your own room!

here are many reasons you should have your own room. here is the most importent reason. school! kids often need peace and quiet to do their homework. for example the person sharing the room could be loud and wont get the pece needed other good resons are... no hiding things for b days .alot of peaple need time by themselves, and having your own room gives it to you.another great problem for adualts is kids will talk during nap time. kids will spread sickness throughout the room and they both get sick. adults do you want fighting? i bet your answer is no! kids will fight over room themes. if you give them their own room fighting will be less. 

no kids should not have their own room

having your own room is very expensive! the expense can get so high that the family can get homless. another reason is... responsibility! if they share there room they can learn to share. and that skill is very  important. there is another good but rare reason. kidnappers can look at one kid as a easier target. but if their are two kids it will be harder for the kidnapper.  what do you think!

now it is time to cast your vote lets revew

no 1. expence  2. responseblty   3.  kidnaping                                                                          yes  1. school  2.fiting  3. space  4. b day  5. nap time       what do you think